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McConnell is not Donald’s friend…

If the wind (majority) is not blowing in Donald’s direction, McConnell will not fight for him.  Talk of Establishment GOPe…he is the President, CEO and Chairman.  No one is more ensconced, entrenched, glued, permanent, like an old, old, barn that is losing its siding but the frame work is forever.  A true career politician elite.  He looks harmless but HE is the reason the majority in the Senate was so very ineffective.  HE is truly the reason for term limits.  TRULY.

I have heard talking heads on Fox sing his praises for holding off any confirmation hearings for Supreme Court by Obama, holding it for the incoming POTUS.  It is a matter of course that no lame duck POTUS gets confirmation hearings for Supreme Court from an opposition Congress.  Just does not happen.